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Repeatable Fields

A repeatable is a field, or group of fields, that can be completed multiple times on a form. Repeatables provide a way to capture multiple responses to the same question. For example, use a repeatable if you need to collect contact information but don’t know how many contacts need to be entered. Or, if you need to provide the same information about a number of parts used on a job. Set up the repeatable field or section once, and users complete it as needed. Repeatable sections help to streamline your form. Users have the ability to enter additional information as required, and the screen is not cluttered with unnecessary fields.

Adding a repeatable to your form is similar to adding a new page. You can include a single field or multiple fields in the repeatable section. Any field types can be included in a repeatable section. However, you can’t add a repeatable section to another repeatable section.

Updated on March 8, 2021

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