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Do I need to download or install any software on my computer?
Mobile Workforce+ lives on the cloud. Customers can access their application from anywhere.
Where do I log in?
After the account is setup, log in to login.wfmplatform.com using the username and password you registered with.
How do I get the app on my devices?
You can download the app through the App Store or Google Play.
How long does Mobile Workforce+ store my data?
Customer data is stored on the portal for a rolling one year period.
I can’t access the Mobile Workforce+ App.
Verify you are using the correct log in and password. If you have forgotten your password, select Forgot Password to reset it.  If you still can’t access the application, contact your system administrator for assistance.
What if my vertical isn’t listed? Can I still use the app?
Yes, you can choose the vertical closest to your industry and customize it later to fit your business needs.
How can I customize the app?
You can change the appearance through Administration > Settings > Appearance. You can add a logo, or for example, incorporate company colors as well. Your custom settings appear on your desktop, phone and tablet. For more information, view our tutorials
How do I know what modules to use?
During sign-up, an industry/vertical is selected and modules are suggested based on that industry. This gives a new customer a place to start. For more information, view our tutorials.
Is there a limit of how many users I can have?
An unlimited amount of users can exist. However, active users must have a license assigned to them.