• Using NFC Tags in Forms

    You can now scan NFC Tags, as an additional Scan Field within a Form Module. The value written to the NFC Tag will be populated onto the form field and can be referenced on the form submission. Reduce user error by allowing users to scan the NFC Tag instead of…

  • Deactivating and Deleting a User

    There is a big difference between “deactivating” and “deleting” a user. When a user is deleted, this also includes any of their associated form or timekeeping submissions.

  • Geofences on Live View

    Reference Geofences on the live view map along with users and vehicles. The “cluster” on the map will show the amount of geofences and user/vehicles. This will also show the geofence shape on the live view map, on an individual geofence basis.

  • Geofences by Group

    You can organize and assign geofences by group. This helps larger organizations so their users can view geofences that are relevant to them instead of all the geofences created on their account. This affects the live view map, alerts and reports. This allows you to reduce the amount of visible…

  • Alerts for Sensor Template Events

    Create alerts based on custom created sensor events associated with vehicles. These events will be listed under “Sensor Events” when creating an alert. Create alerts for various custom PTO events for your vehicle, pull a list of custom events that have been triggered within the Alerts history, and create reports…

  • Creating Sensor Templates for Wired Devices

    Customers utilizing hard wired fleet hardmounts, can now setup custom PTO events with the ability to reference these events and setup alerts. This will require for additional wiring on the vehicle to register these events.

  • Emails in Custom Lists

    In addition to adding email fields on a custom list, customers can also reference an email address, based on previous selections on the form submission via custom list filtering.

  • Viewing Your Own Submitted Data

    Employees can now reference their own submitted data within their web application, regardless if they can view the group they are currently assigned to. This includes Time Entries, Form Submissions, User Activity, Completed Orders, Overview, and the Live View Map.

  • Automatically Share a Form Link

    Customers can now automatically mark all submitted forms as “shared” and create the regular form sharing URL link when the form is processed. This will also allow for conditional emails to be setup so this form sharing URL can be included in the email when configured.

  • Calculating Duration from a Date and Time Field

    Customers can now calculate the duration of time between two different date, time, or date/time fields within a form module. The Time Duration Calculation field will allow for you to get the exact duration or to round the duration based on your business’ needs.