• Crew Timekeeping on a Mobile Device

    Crew timekeeping is not only available for our desktop version but is also available for mobile devices. Crew leaders will gain so many benefits, while out in the field that would normally require a desktop. Leaders can manage multiple time entries, update statuses, add/remove crew members and finally fill out…

  • Crew Timekeeping Overview

    Expanding upon our existing Timekeeping functionality, customers will now have the option to setup crews and crew leaders within Encore. This will allow for crew leads to clock in and out their respective crew members, from a single mobile device.

  • Crew Timekeeping Reports

    The Crew timekeeping summary report will offer a breakdown of each of the crew’s individual timesheet hours that were submitted for a certain period of time. This report will contain data that is grouped by the crew and user’s, showing the subtotals for each user.

  • Using Mobile Payments on a Mobile Device

    Collecting payments while in the field will save processing time and paper which equals saving money! Once Mobile Payments is set up on your account, the only additional item needed is the BBPOS Chipper™ 2X BT device that uses Bluetooth technology to allow card data to processed and payments securely…

  • Adding Mobile Payments to an Order or Form

    Mobile Payment functionality can be included in Standalone forms and Order Status Forms using the Form builder. This feature can be added through the “Advanced” section within the form builder. Using a smart phone or a tablet your customer can simply, Tap/Swipe/ or slide their card to pay for their…

  • Setting Up Mobile Payments

    Mobile payments provide a tremendous value in day-to-day business operations by processing digital payments at the time service is provided through our partnership with © Stripe. Thereby reducing the cost of paperwork and processing time.